so sadly after more than ten years collecting I will sell all my stuff…

I will still attend shows and still help out but not collecting anymore for myself. just doing some very rare photo ops and some special movie memorabilia. thats it.

I will ask the price I payed on those stuff. no rip off. singning details are given as possible, some will be added, much work to do with all the lists.

pics, items, details and given proof pics are up on facebook, link is on the bottom.

it includes stuff from

dawn of the dead
resident evil
nightmare on elmstreet
friday the 13th
the devils rejects
house of the 1000 corpses

and many more… included names like romero and craven… and many multi signed pieces

if you are interested in anything call me as I guess most items are gone very quick as I asked what I payed. no rip off.

here you can check all the items and photos:

call me